What Happened to Johnny Depp Health?

November 10, 2023

Following his high-profile defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has been keeping himself busy with music and acting. However, a recent photo of him looking thin and gaunt has people concerned about his health.

The picture was taken last week when he stopped for a quick selfie with a fan in Russia. He was wearing a hat and shades as well as a shirt that looked way too big on him. The picture quickly went viral with many commenting on how much thinner he appears than usual. "Johnny Depp looks ill & needs to get some rest," one commenter wrote. Others added they were praying for him and wishing him well.

Earlier this month, the Pirates of the Caribbean star passed out in a Hungarian hotel just hours before a performance with his band Hollywood Vampires. This led to the show being canceled. Depp reportedly suffered from a relapse of substance abuse.

The actor's battle with substance abuse was also brought up during his defamation trial against Heard, who accused him of domestic violence. Her attorneys argued that his erectile dysfunction was linked to his anger and violent behavior towards her.

Despite his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, Depp seems to be moving on with his career. He has a few movies coming out this year, and his Hollywood Vampires are hitting the road for a tour of Europe this fall. It's unclear whether he will still be playing his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in those shows though.


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