What Happened to Gamora in Endgame?

November 10, 2023

When Thanos killed Gamora in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, he sacrificed her to get the Soul Stone. While the other heroes who died in that fight — including Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers — were turned to dust by Iron Man’s snap, it’s unclear what happened to Gamora. The answer might surprise you.

It may seem strange that Gamora wouldn’t attend her own funeral, but it makes sense when you look at the timeline she was brought back to. In the Time Heist in Endgame, a version of Gamora from 2014 was blipped to the present timeline. This Gamora didn’t have the same bonds with her teammates, and she was burdened by the knowledge that Thanos would eventually kill her in search of the Soul Stone. So, rather than reunifying with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Peter Quill, she chose to carve out her own path in this new timeline. Choosing to join the Ravagers aligned with her more ruthless nature and experience as a warrior under Thanos’ rule.

While the mercenary joined the group, she still doesn’t have the same memories or connection to the Guardians. And that’s largely why she disappeared after Endgame and why she isn’t featured in the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. That being said, a deleted scene from Endgame sheds some light on the situation.


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