What Happened to Dr Pol's Wife?

November 9, 2023

If you're a fan of the heartwarming reality show Dr Pol on Nat Geo Wild, you may have noticed that Diane Pol hasn't been appearing as much as she used to. This mysterious silence has sparked a whirlwind of whispers amongst the show's dedicated fans. The family and production team have endeavoured to allay these speculations through official statements, but they've been hesitant to reveal too much. The subtle buzz has fueled a flurry of theories about Diane's health, possible retirement, and even her personal motivations.

The Incredible Dr Pol's wife is a pillar of strength for her tight-knit family, and she has stood by their side through many tragedies. Despite the loss of her son Adam Butch, who died of an accidental drug overdose in December 2016, Diane has continued to be a source of light and love for her husband and children.

Despite not having any biological children, the couple is blessed with three adopted children, Diane Louise Pol, Kathy Pol Butch, and Charles Pol. They're all doing great with their lives, and Charles was the one to come up with the idea for the popular reality tv show in the first place.

Diane is 76 years old, and she was born on February 6, 1944, in Mayville, Michigan. She met Jan Ham Pol in 1961, when he came to America as an exchange student from the Netherlands and they started dating. She is two years younger than her husband, and she has a Master's degree in special reading from Michigan State University.


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