What Happened to Deion Sanders' Health?

November 10, 2023

Deion Sanders, America's most electric NFL cornerback and return specialist known for his creative celebratory dances and signature struts to the end zone, is facing yet another major health challenge. During the 2021 season, Sanders had to make a difficult choice when a dislocated toe turned into three life-threatening blood clots in his leg and foot. In order to avoid amputation and continue coaching Jackson State, the former pro football star had to have two of his toes amputated.

But he's not done fighting, and doctors have warned that his left foot might need to be amputated as well. In a video uploaded to his YouTube show The Pregame Show this week, the Colorado head coach was told by doctors that they might have to remove his entire foot due to circulation issues in the arteries in the bottom of his left leg.

Doctors have described this as a serious problem because it would essentially block or narrow the passage of blood through the arteries, which carry blood from the heart to the legs and feet. Without proper flow, these clots can form and become dangerously large, and they're especially risky for people with a family history of DVT, which is the most common cause of blood clots in the legs.

Sanders' doctors have also indicated that he might need to have surgery on the right leg, but it isn't clear what the outcome will be for that procedure. USA TODAY Sports has reached out to several experts who have no connection to Sanders or his medical team, and they're cautioning that the issues in the former star's leg are serious and could get worse quickly.


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