What Happened to Collins Key?

November 10, 2023

Collins Key rose to recognition when he appeared as a finalist on America’s Got Talent season 8. He was 16 years of age at the time and became the main magician to make it to the show’s finale. Collins has accumulated over 23 million followers on YouTube where he posts vlogs, challenges, DIY projects and collaborates with brands. He also has a huge following of female fans that call themselves ‘Keypers’.

Collins’ style of 100% family friendly, “advertiser safe” entertainment has landed him many major endorsement deals. He has also performed on Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour, won a few Teen Choice awards and created the award-winning social media campaign for AT&T called The Disappearing Girl that received a Cannes Lion and Streamy nominations.

He has a large following on Instagram and Twitter, has spoken at TEDx and launched his own merchandise line. He and his brother Devan also have a successful comedy channel on YouTube where they post their comedic content.

What Happened to Collins Key?


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