What Happened to Chumlee on Pawn Stars?

November 10, 2023

Ever since the History Channel aired Pawn Stars in 2009, fans have been obsessed with the reality show that follows the day-to-day operations at Las Vegas' Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. One of the most popular stars on the show is Austin Lee Russell, known professionally as Chumlee. He's become a household name thanks to the show, but he's also had some personal and legal issues that have shaken up his life.

In 2016, Chumlee's home was raided as part of a sexual assault investigation. During the search, police found marijuana, crystal meth, Xanax, and multiple firearms. Though he avoided jail time by working out a plea deal, the incident still threw his image into question and tarnished his goofy public persona.

As he recovered from the scandal, Corey Harrison told TMZ that Chumlee had decided to change his lifestyle to get in better shape. He wanted to lose weight and eat healthier, as well as start doing more workouts. The move seems to have paid off, as Chumlee has been spotted in recent photos looking trim and in good health.

He's also back on the air with the rest of the Pawn Stars cast. He starred in the latest season of the show and has appeared on a spinoff series called Pawn Stars Do America. He's also been busy selling his own merch and doing personal appearances.


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