What Happened to Chrisean Rock's Tooth?

November 10, 2023

What Happened to chrisean rock's tooth

Chrisean Rock, the rapper and reality TV star who is best known for her relationship with rapper Blueface, has been famous for her missing tooth since 2020. Rather than hiding it, Chrisean embraced it and made it part of her signature look. She even used her toothless smile as a symbol of her strength and uniqueness in her music videos.

What happened to chrisean rock's tooth happened during the filming of the reality show “Blue Girls Club.” According to her, one of Blueface’s ex-girlfriend and baby mamas, Jaidyn Alexis, provoked Chrisean into a fight. During the fight, Chrisean hit her head on something and lost her front tooth. Despite the fact that she had enough money in her ledger to fix it, she refused to do so.

As time went by, Chrisean grew into her missing front tooth and started using it as a part of her brand and image. She started referring to herself as DaBigBaby and even wore a pacifier around her neck at times. She even took to Instagram to promote her new line of teeth-themed tees.

However, Chrisean recently decided that she was ready to get her tooth fixed. Last week, she posted a video to her social media showing herself inside a dental office. She seemed to be getting the tooth replaced and we’re excited for her! The video has already garnered over 5 lakh views and people are wondering if she got her tooth back.


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