What Does Taylor Swift's Number 13 Mean?

March 7, 2023

taylor swift 13 meaning

Taylor Swift is a popstar who is known for her flawless looks, alluring taste in fashion, and charming personality. She is a popular artist among her fans, who are affectionately known as Swifties.

The Bad Blood singer has an incredibly loyal fan base who are a steadfast support for her music and her work ethic. This is why she often rewards her followers with little treats hidden in her music, such as the Easter egg she left in the video for “Mean,” a song off her 2010 album Speak Now.

She has a strong connection with the number 13; it appears throughout her songs and in many of her albums. One of her latest songs, titled "The Lucky One," features the number thirteen repeated 13 times in the lyrics.

Whenever she sees the number 13, it's usually an indication that she is going to have good luck in a particular situation. It's also a symbol of her birthday, since she was born on the 13th.

Her love for the number 13 isn't just a coincidence; it's part of her psyche. She has a long-standing belief that the number 13 is associated with 'luck,' so it's only natural for her to have a deep and lasting connection with it.

She also reveals her love for the number 13 in a lot of her music videos. For example, she uses it in her reference-packed "Ready for It?" music video and she draws it on her hand with eyeliner before every concert.


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