What Does OT Ot Mean?

March 8, 2023

ot ot meaning drake

ot ot meaning Drake

Drizzy’s music is a mix of Afro-Caribbean beats and smooth lyrics. His latest hit, 'One Dance' from his last album 'Views' has spent weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts and it is definitely one of his most popular songs.

The first verse of 'One Dance' is done by Wizkid and Kyla Smith while the second verse features Drake. Both artists do a great job with the music and lyrics in this song.

'Ends' means something that is the focus of the song or an area that is being considered. For example, 'ends' might refer to Toronto or the music industry in general.

“Nobody makes it from my ends” - this line implies that Drake has defied odds to achieve success and that his rise to the international music scene is due to his hard work and talent. It also suggests that there isn’t much music in his hometown and that he is the only artist to reach such a high level of international success.

‘It’s all about the Hennessy’ - this is a reference to a brand of cognac that is often used in hip hop. It also implies that the rap artist has his girl in his life and that she will never leave him.

He has been through a lot with his love life and he wants to make sure that she is always in his life. He is very loyal to her and he hopes that she will be with him till death do them part. This is a great song and it certainly has the potential to be a big hit.


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