What Does "Hitting a Licks" Mean?

July 30, 2023

The phrase hitting licks has been in the news due to a recent TikTok trend. While it's easy to see why people would want to participate in this meme, you should know that doing so could be considered a crime. You're basically bragging about stealing something. It's best to just observe the trend rather than partake in it. The trend started when a TikToker named @jadenflick posted a video of him showing off his devious lick, which was a contactless paper towel dispenser that he stole from school. The video racked up over 7.2 million views and sparked others to do the same.

According to the Dictionary of American Regional English, "hitting a lick" means receiving a sum of money quickly and with little effort. It can be used to describe robbery or illegal activities, but it's also a popular way to express financial windfalls in more wholesome circumstances like gambling or playing the lottery.

This slang phrase is used in the music industry by rappers to describe their success in a particular endeavor or activity. For example, a rapper might brag in a song about having hit the licks by stealing other men's partners to establish his dominance over women.

You can use hit a licks in a casual conversation with friends, but you should avoid using it in professional contexts. It can be misconstrued and make you sound rude or sarcastic. You should also avoid using it in front of a superior, as it can be seen as an attempt to bribe a boss or coworker with illegal activities.


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