What Does Halley's Comet Mean to Billie Eilish?

March 7, 2023

halleys comet meaning billie eilish

The lyric “I feel like I’m floating” is one of the most famous lines from Billie Eilish’s hit song, HALLEY’S COMET. This heart-wrenching track has been a favorite among fans since its release on July 30. Here’s what the lyric means and why it has such an emotional impact on people.

In this melancholy song, Billie Eilish tells her love story through a metaphor that uses the occurrence of Halley’s comet as a benchmark. This comest is a rare astronomical object that appears once every 75 years. The singer uses this as a way to describe how infrequently she “comes around” and falls in love.

Moreover, it seems as if she is also using the soaring nature of the comet’s apparition to describe her feelings of weightlessness and euphoria in love. Despite this, she is still reluctant to let her emotions get out of control.

She tries to hide her feelings in order not to hurt the addressee. But in her dreams, she can’t resist falling for him. She even tries to tell herself that she doesn’t need him in her life, but she can’t seem to stop thinking about him.

Fortunately, the lyrics to HALLEY’S COMET reveal that the narrator has become a bit more aware of her feelings and has learned how to cope with them. Her past experiences in love have triggered her to want to give her heart away and she has tried to protect herself from being vulnerable again.


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