What Does Dreaming of Pouring Rain Mean?

March 13, 2023

When you dream of pouring rain, it suggests that there will be good things coming your way. It could be a sign that you’re about to get some much-needed help or advice. It could also be a sign that the bad stuff you’ve been dealing with is about to end.

Rain is a symbol of hope and rebirth in many cultures. In Hinduism, it’s associated with growth and fertility. It’s also a symbol of compassion for the living.

In ancient Egypt, the goddess Tefnut was believed to be the deity of water, rain, and fertility. She was praised for her mercy and kindness towards the living.

Similarly, rain is a symbol of rebirth in Roman mythology. It is a reminder that even the most difficult times are a chance to start over and begin a new chapter in your life.

The Shawshank Redemption, for example, features a scene in which an innocent man who has been wrongly imprisoned finds freedom and stands in a downpour of rain. It’s a powerful symbol of the freedom and rebirth that he feels in this moment.

When a character goes to save someone in a movie, the director will often use heavy rain as a foreshadowing of a bad turn of events or traumatic scene. It’s a good way to set the mood for an emotionally charged scene that can leave viewers feeling despair or melancholy.

When you dream of a storm, it’s a sign that there will be a major change in your life. It could be a positive change, like a promotion or a better job, or it could be negative, like the loss of a loved one.


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