What Does "Coward of the County" Mean?

March 13, 2023

A coward of the county means someone who is very afraid and does not stand up for themselves. This is a popular idiom and can be found in many songs and stories.

The song "Coward of the County" was released in 1979 by American country music artist Kenny Rogers. It became a hit and topped several charts including the Billboard Hot Country Singles, Cash Box singles, and the UK Singles chart. It was also a number one hit in Canada, Ireland, and Switzerland.

It's a well-written song with an interesting story. It's a great example of how Rogers can convey emotions in his songs.

Tommy (a character in the song) was raised by his father to be a good man. He was taught not to fight and to be kind and fair to others. But he got into trouble once and he was forced to choose between fighting or not.

This decision helped him become the person that he is today. It made him strong and courageous and it also helped him win the heart of his girlfriend Becky.

He eventually learned to stand up for himself and he was able to get his revenge on the Gatlin Boys. But he was called a coward of the county for doing so.

Whether or not Rogers had Vietnam in mind when he wrote this song, it's an interesting piece of history that has resonance. It's a story about good and evil that people could relate to at any time, and it was a great hit for Rogers in the early '70s.


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