What Can the New Edlebrock 1913 Carburetor Do For Your Vehicle?

November 23, 2023

What gearhead doesn’t want more power under the hood? There are certainly lots of ways to achieve this goal, including engine, air intake, exhaust, and fuel delivery modifications. Ultimately need to choose an upgrade option that best meets your needs. You can use multiple strategies to boost power, including performance carburetors like the Edelbrock 1913. This short guide explains what the 1913 is and what it can do for your street rod.

Modern Performance for Classic Cars

Built for high-horsepower engines, the Edelbrock 1913 carburetor is engineered for improved performance. Part of the brand’s AVS2 carburetor series, the 1913 is ideal for both small- and big-block engines. The 1913’s key design feature is Annular Flow Booster technology, which uses eight equally-spaced ports to improve fuel atomization. These eight ports spray fuel in finer mists as it enters the venturi, resulting in cleaner combustion and more efficient fuel usage.

The 1913 also incorporates an electric choke to regulate the air-fuel mixture. This improves performance during cold starts and transitions between rich and lean mixtures. Other notable features include a Qwik-Tune Secondary Air Valve, which allows secondary circuit calibration with simple hand tools. As a bonus, the Edelbrock 1913 comes in an eye-catching satin finish.

Benefits of the Edelbrock 1913

Together with the Annular Flow Booster feature, the 1913 puts several key benefits under your hood:

  • Improved fuel economy: Upgrading from a traditional down-leg booster carburetor can improve your overall gas mileage.
  • Better cruising performance: Besides better cold starts, you enjoy smoother running and better low-end throttling.
  • Enhanced throttle response: With finer fuel atomization, the 1913 eradicates potential flat spots when transitioning from idle to full throttle.

When your vehicle’s engine is at full throttle, the Edelbrock 1913 delivers a maximum flow rating of 800 cubic feet per minute. This flow rate adequately matches the needs of a high-horsepower engine, ensuring that it always has a sufficient air-fuel balance to produce the power you desire.

Handling Excess Heat

Installing upgrades like the Edelbrock 1913 can result in more heat under the hood. If you perform multiple power-enhancing upgrades, the resulting heat can pose a threat to other components, such as your battery, electrical wiring, hoses, and even your engine itself.

Fortunately, there are solutions. With a battery relocation kit, you can place the battery in a spot that’s less prone to excessive heat. These kits contain everything you need to relocate, mount, and ground your battery. Before shopping for your kit, be sure to note your battery’s measurements and cable lengths. Other options to mitigate heat under the hood include a cowl induction hood, exhaust insulation wrap, and header wrapping.

Purchasing Your Parts

Whether you’re looking for a performance carburetor, an engine lift, or other gear to get the job done, you want to get your products from a reputable retailer. Choose one that specializes in high-performance aftermarket parts and accessories. Built to withstand harsher conditions than standard components, they offer many options for turning your vehicle into the street rod of your dreams.


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