Way Down We Go - Kaleo Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

way down we go kaleo lyrics meaning

Way down we go

Despite their limited oeuvre (two singles) the Icelandic quartet have garnered a respectable following in the states. Their most notable contribution is a slew of high profile TV and film gigs, including a major role in the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy.
Featuring all the expected ingredients (rockstars, rock solid vocals, and a well placed bass guitar) Kaleo manage to keep the show on your feet with an unabashedly energetic and ear-wormingly melodic approach.

They owe this allegiance to a number of factors, including a tight writing team that is not afraid to try its hand at everything from bluesy rock and roll to nifty fusions of genres such as reggae and hip hop. Whether it’s the aforementioned effervescence or sheer creativity, the band has managed to make a splash in a highly competitive market.

Best of all, they’re still making the headlines more than three years after their heyday in Reykjavik. Their most recent single, “Tiny Hearts,” is an impressive achievement in its own right and will be sure to keep fans of the quartet satisfied for some time to come.


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