Vitamin C: Instagram’s Most Talked About Supplement

November 30, 2023

Top 20 Vitamin C Foods, Benefits and Dosage - Dr. Axe

Everyone is paranoid about their vitamin C intake to keep COVID-19 at bay. As a result, vitamin C tablets are the new must-have in every household. So, what exactly is Vitamin C? Should we be taking it additionally as tablets, and is it worth all the hype? We understand your questions, and we are here to answer them.

This article talks about the importance of Vitamin C Tablets, their benefits, and the precautions you need to take while having vitamin C tablets.

What to Look for When you Consume a Vitamin C Supplement?

Health Benefits of Vitamin C Supplements

If you want to grow your Instagram career, you can buy automatic Instagram likes, and talk about the benefits of Vitamin C. There is a wide variety of Vitamin C supplements on the market. But not all Vitamin C supplements are equally effective. The most effective ones are between the range of 200 mg and 500 mg. Taking one Vitamin C tablet between this range daily is sufficient for your daily dose. You can find different kinds of Vitamin C tablets as well. There are mainly four kinds of tablets, effervescent, simple tablets, gummies, and supplement powders.

Effervescent tablets are supplements that you put into a glass of water. They fizz up and mix into the water to form a Vitamin C juice. Powder supplements are very similar, but you need to mix them manually. Powder supplements are not as common as the other ones that are in tablet form. Tablet supplements are usually in the form of pills and are simply swallowed with water. Gummy supplements are for those who dislike vitamin supplements. They are supplements in candy form to make taking them more palatable. Based on your preference, you can pick the one that suits you best. Just make sure that you know the dosage of Vitamin C in your supplement.

What happens if you are not getting enough Vitamin C?

15 Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

Not getting enough Vitamin C can give you a Vitamin C deficiency. The most severe manifestation of Vitamin C deficiency is scurvy. Due to scurvy, gums swell up and start bleeding that may sometimes cause your teeth to fall out. As the patient, you would feel lethargic and weak. As a patient of scurvy, you may aldo suffer from swollen joints and pain. Apart from this, they also bruise easily. However, scurvy is seen mainly in people from lower socioeconomic strata. It is unlikely to be found in first-world countries.

However, Vitamin C deficiencies are not as uncommon. It is an essential nutrient and antioxidant that needs to be consumed regularly. Vitamin C deficiencies take a month to develop but certain symptoms show up earlier than others. These symptoms include rough, bumpy skin or bright, red hair follicles. Even easy bruising, slow healing wounds, painful, swollen joints, or weak bones are signs of Vitamin C deficiency. If these issues get worse, you might have to get ACL surgery in Singapore to strengthen your knees.

Benefits of Vitamin C tablets

Vitamin C is rich in health benefits, the same way that lemons are rich in Vitamin C. Here are some of our favorites.


Vitamin C is an immunity booster.

Vitamin C helps reduce free radical accumulation in the body, helping to prevent oxidative stress. It helps fire up our body’s immune system and fight signs like aging and inflammation. Its antioxidant properties have linkages with the reduction of many chronic diseases.

Vitamin C helps prevent or get rid of gout.

Gout is a painful condition caused by inflammation of joints and is a severe condition. It occurs due to the accumulation of uric acid, a waste product in the body. Vitamin C can greatly help to reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood. This helps to prevent or cure gout.

Vitamin C helps keep anemia at bay.

Iron is responsible for the transportation of oxygen in our bodies. Vitamin C increases the level of oxygen in our blood. Scientifically, this is a result of Vitamin C intake that helps increase iron absorption in the body. In addition, vitamin C helps convert naturally obtained iron like those from plants in a more uncomplicated form for the body to absorb.

Keeps diseases away

Vitamin C plays a significant role in boosting your immunity. Vitamin C even partakes in the process

that produces white blood cells and lymphocytes, our prominent soldiers against infections. Vitamin C strengthens the skin and is even proven to reduce the wound healing time. These properties of Vitamin C take place because of it’s collagen-synthesizing ability. In addition, pneumonia patients who get vitamin C supplements as prescription drugs recover faster.


Vitamin C reduces the risk of dementia.

Studies have shown that oxidative stress near the brain and the spine can increase the risk of dementia. However, since Vitamin C helps reduce oxidative stress, they help reduce the risk of dementia and memory loss.

Vitamin C can help with high blood pressure.

7 Impressive Benefits of Vitamin C Supplements

Studies have shown that Vitamin C can lower your blood pressure. Analysis proved that Vitamin C can relax your blood vessels. These blood vessels carry blood from your heart, thereby reducing your blood pressure. Vitamin C cannot be relied on alone to help with high blood pressure. But it can certainly help you a lot if you struggle with high blood pressure.

Vitamin C tries to protect you from heart dieases

Vitamin C can help greatly to reduce the factors that cause heart diseases. These factors include high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Vitamin C supplements can help to keep these under control to promote a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that taking 500 mg of Vitamin C daily reduces the risk of getting heart diseases greatly. People who have already been diagnosed with heart diseases are also recommended Vitamin C supplements. It can help to control the symptoms after the diagnosis.


These are all the health benefits of Vitamin C, proving it to be an all-rounder. Do remember to consult your physician before adding a Vitamin C supplement to your diet. The daily fix of vitamin C required for adults is 65-90 mg. Therefore, an average healthy person would not ideally need any additional vitamin C tablets. Instead, their daily needs can take care of their vitamin C requirements.

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