Virgin River - What Happened to Mel's Husband?

November 10, 2023

When nurse/midwife Mel first arrived in the tight-knit town of virgin river she was looking for a fresh start. She quickly bonded with local bar owner Jack but her past life was always looming over her. Through flashbacks, viewers got to know her late husband Mark, a doctor and sailor who tragically passed away in an accident before the show’s opening season.

During an argument in the car, he took his eyes off the road and was rushed to hospital, where he ultimately died. The tragedy haunted Mel for the remainder of her life and she felt to blame herself. She was convinced she could have prevented the accident if only she had been there.

After a few seasons of dating Jack, Mel decides to try for another baby and banks some of her late husband’s sperm. She and Jack break up, but Mel later goes back to LA’s fertility center, where she discovers that she is pregnant!

However, there is one big problem. The identity of the father is a mystery! Could it be Jack? Or is it the man she has been trying to forget? Find out in the latest episode of virgin river.


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