Viking Octantis in Duluth

March 15, 2024

When it comes to cruise ships sailing the Great Lakes, no one does it better than Viking. The company’s soothing Nordic design, expert expedition staff, and refined amenities hit that sweet spot where great adventure meets great comfort. It’s no wonder Viking is the only company to ever win a Reader’s Choice award in River, Ocean, and Expedition cruise categories.

The 378-guest Viking Octantis arrived in Duluth this morning, beginning a Great Lakes cruise that will take her to Thunder Bay, Toronto, Detroit, and beyond. It’s the first time Octantis has visited Duluth this year, and it’s the second-year in a row that Viking has a ship in the Great Lakes.

This is just the start of a busy season for Viking Octantis and her identical sister, Viking Polaris. Both vessels will spend the spring, summer, and early fall in the Great Lakes before spending the austral winter in Antarctica.

As the cruise season continues, both ships will sail grand voyages between the Great Lakes and “the end of the world” – showcasing engineering marvels like the Welland Canal and Panama Canal, icy fjords, and the southernmost continent.

On a Viking cruise, you’ll have the chance to ride in a six-person submarine, work with on-board scientists at The Laboratory, and learn photography tips from an expedition photographer. You’ll also dine at world-class restaurants on ships curated by the experts. For the most high-end experience, reserve a Nordic Owner’s Suite, which offers two bathrooms, a private library, and priority access to all restaurant and excursion reservations.


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