Various Storms and Saints Lyrics

March 8, 2023

various storms and saints lyrics meaning

Various Storms and Saints Lyrics

There's no denying that Florence + the Machine have some of the best lyrics to ever grace a record. Whether it's the ecstatic euphoria of realizing you're in love or the humbling prospect of saying goodbye, their music has something for everyone. Having said that, here are seven of their most memorable songs for you to peruse in order to get that oh so sweet feeling.

Various Storms and Saints is not the cheapest track on the F+TM platter, but it’s one of their best songs. It’s a funky mix of electronica and pop that is as groovy as they come. Among the track’s most impressive elements are the vocals of Florence Welch and her bandmates, who slay it with precision and style. It’s the best track on the record for a number of reasons, but the most obvious is that it represents their most successful musical collaboration to date. It’s also a reminder that when it comes to Florence + the Machine, they’re not done yet. Having released their third studio album, they are currently on the road and performing their greatest hits across the country. Hopefully, the next stop on their tour will be yours.


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