Using CC in Your Code

March 8, 2023

drake cc meaning

CC is short for "complimentary," and it's often used as an informal way to say “Cheers,” which is why you'll see a lot of it on social media. It's also a common acronym for the "City of Champions," which is where Drizzy hails from.

Using CC in your code can be a lot of fun. The most exciting part is that it's not hard to do.

What's more, it's easy to use if you follow these steps:

1. Create a function that will instantiate a CC object.

2. Set a template argument named T> to the T> that best matches the CC type you want to use.

3. Add a &FunctionNameT> macro to the function that's defining the template argument.

4. Finally, call the function with a name you'll remember.

5. Test it out to see if it works.

6. Make a note of the result.

The next time you have a CC in your brain, you'll know exactly what to do with it!

It is also worth mentioning that CC's most notable achievement was landing her first production placement on the "Money in the Grave" song from Drake's The Best in the World two-pack. Featuring Rick Ross, it's a track that will be on repeat on your dance floor this weekend and the producer is a 21-year-old Instagram model by the name of Cydney Christine, or Lil CC.


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