Up the Wolves Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

up the wolves lyrics meaning

There's gonna come a day when you feel better You'll rise up free and easy on that day And float from branch to branch, lighter than the air Just when that day is coming who can say?

There's a great deal of hope in the lyrics of up the wolves. Throughout the song, they sing back and forth about how much their love means to them, even as it's being threatened by the world around them.

The song is part of their 2005 album "The Sunset Tree," which focuses on the house that frontman John Darnielle grew up in and the people who lived there, including his mother, sister and step-father. Throughout the song, Darnielle often references his experiences with domestic violence.

The song is also a reference to the myth of Romulus and Remus, who were abandoned by their mother and nursed by a she-wolf. The she-wolf was a surrogate mother for the twins, and it's believed that the she-wolf was responsible for Romulus founding Rome. In addition, the song is a tribute to Darnielle's mother and step-father, who were killed by his father during a robbery when they were children. It also has a strong theme of survival.


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