Understanding The 6 Different Types Of Security Patrol

April 1, 2024

Keeping an area safe involves more than staying vigilant. Securing the perimeters with adept security professionals is an aspect that many organizations are constantly investing in to ensure that anyone in these areas feels safe and knows there’s help available in an emergency.

However, only a few organizations realize the flexibility regarding security patrol. It can limit the protection they can avail of their organization and its assets. It makes it essential to understand the types of security patrol services available and which suits your needs the best.

Here are some popular choices for security patrol to know about:

1. Uniform-clad Security Patrol Officers

Among the types of security patrols, uniformed officers stand out as one of the recognizable ones. These officers wear uniforms and carry badges, making their presence obvious to discourage potential wrongdoers. They typically patrol either on foot or in marked vehicles as a deterrent against thefts, vandalism, and other criminal behaviors.

Uniformed security patrol officers fulfill responsibilities within their designated areas. They conduct patrols, monitor surveillance systems, closely monitor access points, effectively respond promptly to alarms or incidents, and maintain records of their activities during each shift.

2. Plainclothes Security Patrol Officers

Some situations require a discreet approach to surveillance operations. In such situations, plainclothes security patrol officers shine. These officers blend into their surroundings seamlessly by dressing like civilians while discreetly carrying out their duties.

Plainclothes officers blend in as staff members or visitors at the workplace, discreetly observing employee behavior and daily operations to spot any activities or violations of policies. This form of security monitoring proves valuable in uncovering thefts or illicit behaviors that might otherwise go unnoticed.

3. Mobile Patrol Units

Mobile patrol units offer another security service for businesses needing coverage across multiple locations within a larger area. Mobile units move around at fixed positions using vehicles to patrol and monitor different areas. These mobile patrol units respond to alarms, conduct patrols, and inspect properties or facilities, providing a visible presence that deters potential threats and criminal activities.

4. K9 Security Patrol

K9 patrol teams are often utilized in airports, warehouses, event venues, and other locations with sensitive security needs or controlled areas. The presence of a trained unit serves as a solid deterrent to potential criminals who may be wary of facing these skilled animal companions. Additionally, the dogs in these teams undergo extensive training to ensure they develop an exceptional ability to detect threats of different levels with high accuracy.

5. Event Security Patrol

For businesses or organizations hosting events with crowd gatherings outside their organization, having event security patrol services is crucial. Event security teams are equipped to handle security challenges in environments such as concerts, festivals, conferences, and sports events. They oversee crowd management and monitor access points to allow authorized individuals inside. They engage in security activities like performing bag checks or metal detector screenings when necessary and promptly respond to incidents or emergencies during the event. These personnel collaborate closely with event organizers to help create a secure environment for attendees while minimizing disruptions.

6. Fire Watch Patrol

These patrols become necessary when fire alarm systems or sprinkler systems are temporarily disabled or not functioning correctly. Fire watch patrol officers are tasked with monitoring the sensitive areas to spot any indications of fire or smoke until the fire protection systems are fully operational. Regular inspections and checks are part of fire watch patrols, conducted at specified intervals per regulations or recommendations. The officers remain vigilant to address any fire hazards and ensure the safety of everyone on site.


When securing your organization's premises, opting for appropriate and apt security patrol is essential. Regardless of the type of security patrol option you choose, these professionals (in the case of K9, their companions) are trained to handle tricky and potentially hazardous situations with utmost attention and care. These professionals undergo rigorous training to prevent any trouble or nuisance from occurring through early identification and taking security measures to combat the problem. By familiarizing yourself with the types of security patrols that are accessible and accurately assessing your requirements, you can make an informed choice to safeguard your business and protect it from threats.


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