Twenty One Pilots Ride Meaning

March 4, 2023

21 pilots ride meaning

Twenty One Pilots has an interesting underdog story - founding member Tyler Joseph once thought about giving up on music, but decided to hold tight to his dream. He went on to release a series of albums that have topped three multi-Platinum plaques and won multiple Grammy Awards.

They've written songs that work through giddy highs and crippling lows, offering understanding and a comforting hand in the dark. They've also littered their output with references to literature, film and their own work.

Those themes are evident across their entire catalog, but the lyrics on "Ride" are especially notable. The song, which is off of the band's latest album Trench, finds lead singer Tyler Joseph pondering life, death and the meaning of it all.

He asks, "Who would I die for?" and then says, "I think about death just way too much." It's a very thoughtful song with lots of layers of meaning.

It also sounds a lot like a reggae song, which is something the band have been known for throughout their career. Drummer Josh Dun plays single-hand sixteenth notes on the hi-hat against a snare backbeat for most of the song, bringing a modern approach to reggae that makes the track a bit different from other songs in their repertoire.

This is another example of how the band's songwriting and melodies are often different from what's commonly heard in their genre, which is why so many people love them. They're not afraid to explore new ground, and their songs are always a welcome addition to the playlist.


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