TSU Lyrics Meaning Explained

February 13, 2023

drake tsu lyrics meaning explained

As Drake drops his new album Certified Lover Boy within a week of Kanye West's Donda, fans are going crazy for the new tracks. One of the songs that has caused quite a stir is 'TSU'.

What is the meaning of 'TSU'?

TSU stands for "Tear S*** Up" and it is the title of Drake's latest track on his new album Certified Lover Boy.

The song focuses on the relationship between a woman who is either in college or out of college and her sexual relationships with other men. The lyrics also mention that her 'father is not around' and that her'mama is definitely not around'.

While this may seem like a harmless lyric, it is not. This is because the woman's 'father' is a notorious man who has been accused of keeping young women away from their families against their will and causing them to have unwanted sexual relations with him.

There have been multiple controversies surrounding this song and many people are wondering what the TSU meaning is and whether it's a good or bad song. In this article we'll break down the TSU meaning and take a look at the strong fan reaction to this controversial track.

Why did the disgraced R&B singer get a writing credit on 'TSU'?

On Friday evening, after a binge-listening session to Drake's Certified Lover Boy, fans started to notice that there was a writing credit on the eighth track. According to WhoSampled, the track contains a sample of R. Kelly's 1998 hit "Half on a Baby."

Since then, the song has caused a lot of controversy and it has received backlash from Drake's fans. Some fans even took to social media to express their disgust at this'shameful' move from the Toronto rapper.


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