Tracey Tarlton - Where is She Now?

September 8, 2023

Tracey Tarlton, who shot Steven Beard, has served over a decade in prison. Find out more about what she is up to now.

In the years leading up to her arrest, Celeste Beard sank into depression and a life of dead-end jobs and failed marriages. She had three daughters from a previous relationship and sunk deep into debt. She ran up huge restaurant bills and carried a massive credit card balance. She also had an addiction to cocaine.

According to testimony, the two women began a romantic relationship while at St. David’s and then transferred to Timberlawn Hospital in Austin where staff tried to keep them apart after a staff member observed them in a passionate embrace. When the women were discharged, they remained in contact, meeting in hotel rooms and on telephone calls.

Throughout the trial, Tarlton maintained that her only motive in killing Celeste Beard was to inherit millions of dollars from his estate. But, in the end, her prosecutors decided to offer her a lesser sentence in exchange for her testimony against her friend.

The deal allowed Tarlton to get a 20-year prison sentence, but, in order to be eligible for parole, she must serve 10 additional years. She is currently incarcerated in a Texas prison.


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