Tracey Chapman - Smoke and Ashes Lyrics Meaning

January 8, 2023

Tracy Chapman is a singer/songwriter with a penchant for evocative songs. She has released three multi-platinum albums and is known for her impressive vocal chops and catchy tunes. Aside from her mainstream commercial success, she's also a passionate liberal activist, a fact that's reflected in her lyrics.

Chapman started singing at coffeehouses before she went to college. In college, she got a taste for folk rock and recorded a set of demos at a radio station. Later, she signed with SBK Publishing and eventually moved on to Elektra Records. Among other accomplishments, Chapman has been awarded four Grammys, an RIAA 6x platinum certification, and a nomination for best new artist. Her debut album, Tracey Chapman, sold over two million copies and was certified a major hit by the Billboard charts. The song "If These Are the Things" is the standout.

Chapman hasn't released an anthology, but she did manage to compile a Greatest Hits compilation featuring her best hits. One of her best songs, "Another Sun," was featured on the soundtrack to the film "The Blues Brothers."

The first Tracy Chapman album, Fast Car, was released in 1988. The title track topped the Billboard hot 100 in the US and garnered a nomination for best rock song in 1997. It was a hit all over the world, and became the song that launched Chapman into the mainstream. This was followed by her acclaimed debut album, Tracey Chapman, and its sequel, New Beginning.


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