Top Tips For Happy, Long-Lasting Romantic Relationships

March 5, 2024

Finding love is often the main goal for the majority of people on this planet. However, it's a difficult process that requires finding the right individual and then keeping that relationship healthy. This article explores tips that help singles meet someone special and have a meaningful relationship.

Love Won't Find You When You "Least Expect It"

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't work like that, and active search is what makes a difference. An expert in relationships and sociology from the University of Washington highlighted this by comparing it to finding a job when you're not actively looking; it's possible but rare. And even if the "job finds you," will it be what you want? Probably not. Similarly, suppose you want to date a single Ukrainian man or woman. Will they find you when you live in a homogeneous community?

Typically, such an approach to finding love might be an excuse rooted in fear, avoiding the effort needed. Thus, you might want to take care of this fear first. While acknowledging the sentiment behind the popular saying, experts emphasize the importance of not appearing desperate but actively putting effort into finding a suitable partner.

Don't Stare At Your Phone All The Time

Directing attention away from phones can be beneficial. Numerous dating experts claim that great individuals are everywhere, but people won't see them if they keep their heads down, looking at their phones.

Try to be mindful of your surroundings, actively look around, and make eye contact with others. For example, while standing somewhere in a queue, look up, and you may find a stranger looking directly at you. Perhaps they want to approach you.

Some people have no problems with approaching others, but they will hesitate if the person of their interest doesn't look up from their phone. Thus, if you don't like to approach people, the least you can do is make eye contact.

Visit Places Of Interest

While most people are always advised to visit places with potentially single individuals (bars, nightclubs, speed dating, etc.), it's not always the best tip. Some people are shy, and it's OK. Still, they have to meet people to fall in love. Thus, take a less straightforward and stressful approach and attend places that cater to your interests.

For example, if you like to read, subscribe to a book club and discuss books with others. If you enjoy cooking, go to cooking classes to learn new tricks. If you like learning new things, opt for language classes.

Each of these options has numerous benefits and suggests that you will communicate with other people. The best part is that you meet people who share your interests, which is a great basis for a long-lasting romantic relationship.

Partnership Over Romance

Focus on seeking romantic partnership rather than just romance. Experts often highlight that while romance adds enjoyment to dates and marriage, it's the partnership that becomes crucial during challenging times.

According to the experts, it's essential not to seek someone solely aiming to sweep you off your feet, as it might indicate a controlling nature, leading to potential issues later on. Instead, they recommended searching for someone interested in mutual exchange, valuing your opinions, and considering your desires in a relationship. These features become crucial in a trusting and loving relationship that will potentially last a lifetime.

Focus On Your Mental Health

Happy individuals tend to attract others. One potential reason for struggling to find love might be a lack of self-positivity. Experts suggested focusing on genuinely liking yourself and improving your life. Being the kind of person you'd like to meet is the best advice.

Being happy, positive, and self-assured increases the chances of attracting the right partner. As they say, misery loves company, so work on your issues first. Experts recommended seeking professional help if feeling down, exercising with a trainer if inactive, and consulting a nutritionist for better eating habits.

Continuous self-improvement is never a bad idea. Personal growth is a never-ending process; individuals can always work on themselves to become better versions of themselves. As a result, it's more likely to attract someone who also values self-improvement and can bring positivity to a relationship.

Have An Open Discussion With Your Partner

Once you find someone suitable and consider committing to a serious relationship, open up about your expectations. Rather than making assumptions, experts recommend asking simple yet meaningful questions that are important to you.

Understanding each other's perspectives on the "long-term" is important. What duration does your partner associate with it? Does it mean a few months until the first disagreement, or does it involve marriage and having kids?


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