Top 3 2023 Love Stories You Need To Witness

October 19, 2023

We all love a good love story – it’s a tale as old as time and yet, despite our modern technology, we still cling to those stories like a comfort. Love is a beautiful and timeless thing, so we’ll always gravitate towards content that reflects those emotions.

With countless movies and TV shows coming out every year, love seems to be a theme in a majority of them – so we’ve handpicked the best 3 2023 movies that showcase love in a brilliant way. But before we’re able to disclose that, you’ll first need to make sure whether you have the right internet speed to enjoy these visual love stories.

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Now that we’ve covered Spectrum and its advantages, let’s move on to recommendations!

1. Past Lives

This 2023 film follows the stories of 2 people, Nora Moon and Hae Sung, who grew up together in Korea. But when Nora moves away and migrates to the United States, they lose touch for several years, only to reconnect on Facebook in their twenties.

Both, Nora and Hae Sung, have grown up and changed over the years. Their ambitions drive them in different directions, but one thing remains unchanged – the spark that they shared all those years ago is still strong and it feels as though they’ve been waiting for each other all this time. This movie explores themes of longing and long-distance love with such tenderness that it makes the audience weep to see the two lovers.

2. Avatar: Way of Water

The story of Jake and Neytiri continues in this sequel of Avatar, as the iconic couple’s love blossoms into a family. Their 4 children all have their own struggles and personalities, and the family’s dynamic is complex and layered, but it’s obvious that there’s love.

This blockbuster kicks off with Jake being hunted down by the humans and so, in order to protect his clan and newfound family, Jake deems it best to take his family and find shelter elsewhere. He travels around Pandora, coming across new people and cultures, and does his best to adapt to the changing environment around him. Throughout all this, the only thing holding the family together is Jake and Neytiri’s love.

3. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

This movie is also a sequel to another blockbuster, which follows Miles Morales, a high school teenager, as he learns to hone his superpowers. In this movie, his world expands on a much bigger scale as he finds out that there is an entire Spider society around the world!

This means thousands of Spider-Men or Spider-Women, all working for the greater good of the world. Just when Miles starts to feel like he truly does belong, he finds himself betrayed by his love, Gwen Stacy. Coming from different dimensions and worlds, Gwen and Miles were already a tragic but extraordinary pair. But when the betrayal happens, it threatens to break all of that apart, and Gwen must now prove herself to Miles, in order to gain his trust again.

In Conclusion

Well, that wraps up our list of the top 3 2023 movies that showcase the best love stories on screen – which one will you go and watch first?

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