Top 10 Ideas to Start A Profitable Second Business in this Upcoming Festive Season

October 19, 2023


October is halfway over! And it brings us to our favorite part of the year—the holiday season!

It is not even two weeks until Halloween. Thanksgiving is not far behind. And before you know it, it will be Christmas. The neighborhoods will be all decked up, with the streets and homes all around spruced up with beautiful lights and other decor items. People will flock to the stores to buy gifts and supplies. And of course, they will want a little work done to their homes (and maybe offices too). So, before you get ready to get the party started, you might take a moment to realize—this is an excellent opportunity to make some money as well!

Market experts indicate that the holidays can significantly impact consumer behavior, which can, in turn, affect business revenue. For some businesses, this is the busiest time of the year. And for some, the exact opposite!

So , if you are looking for a profitable side hustle this time of the year, you should take the next step very carefully.

Here are some ideas for you to start a second business and boost your revenue this holiday season.

Event Management

During this time leading up to Christmas and the New Year, you will see various events taking place in your area. These gatherings draw a large number of people and require various arrangements—food, decorations, event hosting, photography, servers, and so on. This could be a lot for the organizers to handle with the thousand different things needed for the event. So, they often look for a reliable event management company that can efficiently manage the resources and logistics.

If you have planning skills and contacts, you can consider starting an event management company this holiday season. And this is quite a sustainable business idea, for people will require your services even after the holidays.

Christmas Light Installation

If you already have an electrical service business, this could be the most promising side hustle for you. Most people decorate their homes during the holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas. But not everyone has the time or skill to put up the lights themselves. Besides, handling electrical equipment can be rather hazardous. So, many people prefer to hire an expert for the job.

Therefore, if you have an electrical business and want to make some extra money this holiday season, you can start a Christmas light installation business.

Gift Baskets

This is the time of the year when we start looking for unique gifts for our loved ones. You can help them by offering creative gift baskets. You can put up a selection of gifts to choose from and offer wrapping and boxing services. If you don’t have adequate resources, you can simply offer wrapping and boxing services. Either way, it is a great way to make money from home this festive season.

Cleaning Service

During the holidays, people will most likely want their homes, stores, and offices cleaned. So, if you are running a field service business and have enough resources, you can offer professional cleaning services to them. If you already have a cleaning business, you can also add specialized services like window washing, carpet cleaning, garage cleaning, etc., to earn some extra bucks.

Landscaping and Lawn Care

Just like their interiors, people will also want their gardens and lawns in their best shape during this season. Therefore, starting a landscaping business or lawn care service can be a profitable business idea this time of the year.

Food Delivery

Let people enjoy the holidays without toiling away their time in the kitchen. If you have a restaurant or bakery, you can also start a food delivery service and offer people their favorite holiday treats delivered right to their doorsteps.


This is one of the most profitable business ideas today, regardless of the holiday season. Every day, people scramble all over the internet looking for daily needs of luxuries and essentials. This time of the year, people are usually on a shopping frenzy, looking for more items to look their best, to eat the best food, to buy the best items as gifts, and more. You can start a multi-vendor store like Etsy or Amazon, or you can focus on a particular niche to get an edge over the growing competition in the e-commerce marketplace.

Vacation Rental

During the holidays, many people want a much-deserved vacation. And the latest trends show that people are looking for unique vacation experiences away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. So, if you have a spare room at home or a cabin, you can rent it out to tourists for a period of time.

Travel Planner

Even if you don’t have a place to leverage holiday travel, you can still make money by helping people with their vacations. Just start a travel planning business. People need all the information about hotels, transportation, sightseeing, food, and more before their trip. And it usually needs a lot of meticulous planning, which most travelers cannot find time to do or lack the necessary knowledge of. This is where you come to their assistance and make some extra cash in the process. And the best part is that you can do this right from home without having to invest a lump sum of money.

Car Towing

In most areas of the US, Christmas is often covered by snow. This means you can see cars getting stuck in the snow or refusing to start in every corner. Therefore, it is a great idea to start a towing business. Although this business requires a hefty investment due to the high price of towing trucks and gear, it guarantees great revenue if you can market your business correctly.

Wrapping up

No matter what business you decide to launch, you can never get it off the ground if you don’t make proper plans. For business growth and profit, planning is crucial. You must plan ahead and develop a marketing strategy, funds, lead generation, and, most importantly, service delivery. For the last part, however, you can always take help of a field service management software system. It will streamline your workflow by automating the process. Thus, it saves you a lot of time, which helps you manage two or more businesses at the same time.

Author Bio

Joy Gomez

My world is made up of codes. It is the central element that drives my universe. I am a self-taught, process-driven programmer with a creative bent of mind. Since I was an engineering student, I dreamt of creating something unique. To satiate my creative appetite, I took to coding. Blessed with abundant support and generous scholarships from my employers, I simultaneously worked full-time and pursued my dream. My passion and high productivity helped me in my journey as well. Finally, I created Field Promax to follow my drive of coding and streamlining processes; and do more of what I know best—coding.



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