Todd Howard Net Worth - Video Game Designer

May 17, 2023

Todd Howard Net Worth is a Video Game Designer who has worked for a very long time in the field of video game designing. He has created many popular games that have become a hit and helped him increase his net worth. He has also received several awards for his work in this field. He is well known for his creation of the famous video game series called The Elder Scrolls.

He has been involved with this field since his childhood and made it a dream come true. He graduated from the Emmaus High School and then went on to study at the College of William and Mary. He studied business and also took a number of computer classes for credit. He was able to score a job at Bethesda game studio when he was in his early twenties. He was very much impressed by the role-playing games Wizardry and Ultima III: Exodus that he had played as a child. He also logged hours playing the ice hockey sports game Wayne Gretzky Hockey that was published by Bethesda Softworks.

He has a very large house and lives in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania with his wife named Randye Howard. They have a son named Jake Howard. He is a very good father and has never cheated on his wife or son. He is a very private person and prefers not to talk about his personal life in the media. He is a very kind person and has been helping people all over the world.


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