Tips for architects with limited experience in applying for new positions

August 6, 2023

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Stay informed

You can use this information later when you write your cover letter. You will need this information later on when writing your cover letter. It is essential to personalise your cover letter if you are between jobs and considering a career change. Learn new skills to help you in the job you are applying for. Decide where you will send your online applications and whether you'll send them by mail or in person.

The importance of networking is paramount!

Connecting and networking with those in your field of interest is always beneficial. Speak to the employees in the office you are interested in to learn about the current projects and challenges. Ask for assistance, and many professionals will be happy to help you.

Tell your story with passion and experience.

Ensure you have a valid reason for taking an extended break between jobs or between your first and second job. Make your story one of the valuable experiences and one that represents the motivation for seeking better opportunities.

Delaware is a great place to start your career in architecture.

Delaware is a state that's known for its historical charm, scenic beauty and vibrant communities. Delaware is a great place to start a career as an architect. It offers many opportunities, and the landscape is supportive. Delaware's buildings and structures are a mixture of traditional and modern architectural styles. This provides a canvas for creativity and innovation. Architects can find inspiration in every corner, from the cobblestone streets of New Castle and the modern waterfront developments of Wilmington. Delaware's growing economy and ongoing development projects also create a constant demand for talented designers to shape and design the state's landscape. Delaware's strong sense of community and dedication to preserving its historical heritage create a rewarding and enriching environment for architects who want to establish a career and leave a lasting legacy.

It is wise to consider errors and omissions insurance Delaware as an architect. Knowing your options can give you peace of mind about your career and financial security.

When you are applying for jobs, follow these tips:

Personalise your portfolio, CV/Resume, and cover letter

Write a cover letter that is individualised and based on your office's core values. You can also highlight how you meet the criteria for employees that they hire and how you will fit into their team. You can also use the information you have gathered from current employees of the company.

It's not just about the money.

Consider working for free/a small stipend in the first few weeks, then asking for a better salary. This is the standard for firms that hire new graduates.

We have all thought about and heard things in different discussions. These things may seem insignificant, but they are critical in today's job market.

No experience, no job

The biggest lie that young job-seekers believe is that they have no future if they don't gain experience. They need to realise that getting a job is one of many ways to gain experience. Consider taking on a part-time position, a project for yourself or an online/offline course to learn a new skill.

Design skills are the only thing you need to succeed.

Yes, they're essential. In terms of practicality, they don't really matter as they are less important than the ability to solve problems, execute and manage. Architecture is about 10% design. The remaining 90% are all about how that design is implemented in reality. In architecture school, the emphasis is always more on the design than on its execution. Keep this in mind as you apply for jobs.


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