Tim Chapman - Death Is Just A Rumor

September 7, 2023


Tim Chapman is not dead, but is still working as a bounty hunter. He has been busy with his bond company and other ventures. He is a father to three children and keeps his personal life private. He has a net worth of $3M. He was born on May 13th, 1965 in California.

The former bounty hunter has been working in the bond business for years and also appeared in a few movies and TV shows. He is now 56 years old and has full custody of his children. He doesn’t seem to have a romantic relationship and is focused on his family.

According to the news report, he is working hard and trying his best to keep his children happy. He is also trying to teach them about bounty hunting and bondsmen. He doesn’t post much on social media, but you can check his Facebook account for pictures of him and his children.

Previously, the man was a part of the A&E show Dog the Bounty Hunter where he hunted down fugitives alongside his wife, Beth and daughter Duane Lee. The show was canceled after eight seasons but he is now working with his son, Leland, in Denver’s ABC Bail Bonds.

The bounty hunter’s other notable cases include the murder of Davina Chapman, 32, of Krotz Springs. Her body was found in the Atchafalaya River in July 2009. The woman’s boyfriend, John Snyder, has been convicted of her death and faces up to life in prison.


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