Thrice's "Black Honey" Lyrics Meaning

March 4, 2023

thrice black honey lyrics meaning

If you’re a fan of Thrice, chances are you’ve heard the band’s hit song “Black Honey.” But what does the lyrics mean? Specifically, what does it tell us about the eponymous track from Thrice’s ninth album To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere, which will be released on May 27.

The song’s lyrics are based on the metaphor of a man swatting at a swarm of bees to collect honey, and then becoming confused when he is stung. Kensrue drew inspiration from this idea because it represented the United States’ foreign policy in the Middle East, particularly its oil policies.

In this song, Thrice tackles the idea of power-hungry behavior and how it can be detrimental to an individual or a country. The first two verses of the song show the plight of a person who is addicted to power and how he struggles to maintain his actions even after it becomes clear that there are negative consequences to his behavior.

Throughout the song, the lyrics use many metaphors and allusions to bring these issues to light. The second verse of the song focuses on the implication of the cherry tree in the swarm of bees and how it could symbolize the system of foreign policy, while the third verse shows how the bees sting the people around the person who is addicted to power.

The song’s lyrics are a great way to convey the struggles that come with striving for something you want in life. They are also a good reminder that sometimes you have to keep trying and not give up.


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