This Time Around Meaning

July 30, 2023


The phrase 'this time around' relates to something that has happened before and will likely happen again. It can also refer to a particular event or moment, such as a birthday, New Year's Eve, or any other occasion that marks another trip around the sun.

'This time around, I'm going to do it right.' He has failed the exam before, but he knows that if he does not study hard this time, he will fail again next time. 'I will not be a failure this time around, and I will show everyone who put me down that I can do it better than they can.'


With its uplifting lyrics and motivating message, this time around meaning is perfect for anyone who has been feeling down on their luck or has been defeated in the past. This song is a reminder to never give up and to keep fighting for what you believe in.

"This Time Around" is the first single from Hanson's second album, 'Miranda'. Against the biggest pop albums of the early 2000s from groups like NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, this record stood out for eschewing trendiness in favor of classic three-piece rock band arrangements and thoughtful songwriting. Despite its modest charting on the Billboard component charts, this time around meaning was a vital stepping stone for the brothers' career.

Listening to a Jessica Pratt song is like watching a spider weave its web: It's delicate, swift, and impervious to the world around it, but there's an internal logic that becomes clearer after you've had a closer look. In her newest offering, 'This Time Around,' she plays around with chords, shifting between two with almost unintelligible ease.


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