Them Changes Lyrics Meaning

November 11, 2023

Music enthusiasts around the world adore them changes lyrics meaning, as it explores universal themes of personal transformation and resilience. Written and performed by the American drummer, singer, and songwriter Buddy Miles, this blues-rock song captivates audiences with its soulful melodies and genre-blending musical elements. Incorporating influences of funk and soul, it is an example of Miles’ ability to seamlessly incorporate different styles into his music.

The singer’s lover has left them, leaving them in a state of mental upheaval. They are so overwhelmed by their emotional turmoil that they feel like committing a heinous crime. They feel that their lover did not understand or empathize with the depth of their feelings, which leads them to feel unheard and isolated.

With a pulsing bassline and Thundercat’s crystal clear voice, the track is a heartbreaking cut of funk and soul. It captures the pain of heartbreak and loss with an emotional potency that resonates with listeners worldwide. The them changes lyrics depict the narrator's struggle to come to terms with their betrayal, but they also emphasize the need to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult it may be.

Miles’ powerful vocal delivery and evocative lyrics make them changes a song that touches the hearts of audiences across generations. Its timeless appeal is largely due to its relatable themes of heartbreak and resilience, which speak to people on an emotional level. Despite not having any explicit hidden messages or symbolism, it still inspires listeners to reflect on their own experiences of loss and change, helping them to find meaning in the difficult times in their lives.


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