The Yawning Grave Meaning

March 13, 2023

Yawning Grave Meaning

The yawning grave meaning is a song from the album Strange Trails. It was written by Buck Vernon and is listed as traditional on the album tracklist. The song is about breaking rules and opening a yawning grave.
The yawning grave is the place where someone is dead but can't be buried because of a lack of space. The song hints that there is a force of nature that will come to find those who break the rules and open the yawning grave. This is a theme found throughout the album, as many of the songs on Strange Trails have been about breaking the laws of nature.

The yawning grave is also the land that can't be filled with water and is thirsty. It is also the barren womb that never wants a child, or the desert that is hungry for rain, or the fire that won't say enough. It's a metaphor for death, and the cycle of life and death. The narrator of the song is a warning to those who have opened the yawning grave, saying that they can run away but they will not be saved and that darkness will bring evil things.


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