The Weeknd - Starboy Lyrics Meaning

August 27, 2023

The Weeknd is a former gang member who beat the odds and became a famous musician. The first verse in this song depicts his rise to fame, using lines such as "House so empty need a centerpiece" which emphasize the urgency with which he rose to the top of the music industry. However, he is not able to sustain the success and fame that he has gained. The lyrics to the pre-chorus suggest that he is suffering under the surface of his celebrity, as it criticizes his religious devotion and portrays him as a self-centered egomaniac. The Starboy in the chorus is unable to refute this criticism and admits that he sacrificed his religious identity for fame.

The last verse of this song hints at the secret life of a superstar, with lyrics such as "I got a P1 that's cleaner than your church shoes" suggesting that he is part of the occult elite. He also brags about making a lot of money, which is implied as he is able to buy himself and his girl anything they want. In addition, he mentions a black table that is used to snort cocaine, which is another indication that he is addicted to drugs.

This is a very intense and dark song that explores the negative aspects of being a famous artist. It is a bitter and bleak look at the life of an entertainer that the Weeknd seems to be living, with the final chorus being a gloomy and sour glance at his career as he addresses lovers, business partners, and enemies alike.


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