The Very First Night Taylor Swift Meaning

March 7, 2023

the very first night taylor swift meaning

When Taylor Swift released her new album, Red (Taylor's Version), fans were quick to speculate that the 29th track was inspired by Harry Styles. The song has since been linked to a number of different theories, including one that says it's about a relationship and first date with the former One Direction singer.

"The Very First Night" is a single off of Swift's newly re-recorded album, Red (Taylor's version). It was released on November 12, 2021, and is the 29th song from the record.

What the Very First Night Means

The very first night taylor swift meaning is a song that explores a past love and how it affected her current relationship. The lyrics focus on a secret relationship that was important to her, and she compares it to a "secret love from the past" or an "antithetical dream girl."

In addition to this, the very first night taylor swift means also hints at her own identity as a queer person. In the video for the song, Swift wears a wig that is covered in colors that are often associated with the bisexual flag.

This song is a little more explicit about the gendered aspects of sex than other songs on Red (Taylor's version). The song states that she bought a dress “to be able to take it off” and explains how she has always been a fan of wearing dresses.

It's also interesting that the very first night taylor Swift meaning is about a secret love, as many closeted queer people may be afraid of dating in public. In fact, many LGBTQ people are scared of having their relationships exposed by onlookers or even by the media, which could lead to discrimination and intolerance.


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