The State of Grace Meaning by Taylor Swift

February 6, 2023

state of grace meaning taylor swift

The state of grace meaning

In Christianity, a state of grace is the forgiveness and mercy given to those who have fallen away from God. The song presents two imperfect people who find redemption through one another.

RED’s first single, “State of Grace,” is an arena rock track that features chiming guitars and dynamic drums. It was produced by Taylor Swift with Nathan Chapman and is the opening track of her fourth studio album, RED (2012).

A bold experiment in arena rock, it received praise from contemporary music critics for its sweeping emotion and its broader sound than Swift’s previous country pop releases. Spin’s Marc Hogan lauded the production as “brutally effective” and August Brown of The Los Angeles Times described it as the “best opening track” on RED.

“State of Grace” is an uplifting song that celebrates the power of love and the strength it can bring to overcome obstacles. It’s also a powerful song about the importance of staying positive in difficult situations, as it shows that a person can still have hope even when everything seems to be falling apart.

The lyrics of the song describe how a person can get a sense of happiness and peace when they meet someone who has a satisfying place in their life. The lines in the song describe how a person can feel broken when they are in love but that all pieces of their heart can be put back together, showing that a person’s state of happiness can depend on a person’s choices.


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