The Song and the Snakes Start to Sing Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

and the snakes start to sing lyrics meaning

The song and the snakes start to sing lyrics meaning is a tricky one to nail down. It might be a well-known hit from a major music label, or a random tune from a TV show thrown in as a bonus track. Either way, it's an iconic and often fun song that's been around for years and is still as relevant now as it was then.

The 'It's a wonder we get through life' melody from Bob Dylan has been covered by more artists than you can shake a stick at, and it's no wonder why. It's a poignant lyric that speaks to the heartbreak, fear and anger of a generation, capturing their emotions in the most affecting of ways.

'The Ladder's Best Friend' from REM is another gem. While not as eloquent as some of its contemporaries, it's the perfect example of the band's unique style.

"It's a wonder we get to life," the chorus sings, and a quick Google search of the words reverberates this phrase in a plethora of enlightening contexts. But the song really gets into a high gear in the middle of the second verse, with the lyric "It's the best time we've ever had" kicking things off.

The lyrics don't stop there though, with the title song also boasting a pretty neat trick. The 'It's a Wonder We Get Through Life' melody has an extra layer of complexity because it uses a synthesiser to play the melody, creating an epic sound that is incredibly difficult to replicate by hand.


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