The Royal We Lyrics Meaning by The Smiths

February 13, 2023

the royal we lyrics meaning

The Royal We Lyrics Meaning

Throughout their career, the Smiths have dissed the British monarchy. Their vocalist Morrissey has been known to diss the Queen of England, Prince Charles and other members of the Royal Family.

But the Smiths have never considered themselves to be A list artists across the pond, so it isn’t surprising that they would have a deep-seated dislike for the monarchy as a whole.

The song itself is a testament to this. The lyrics of the song are incredibly acerbic and often have a sarcastic feel to them.

As a result, The Smiths are using this particular track as an opportunity to show their disdain for the monarchy and the British society that they represent.

For example, in the first verse of the song, The Smiths refer to the Queen of England as a “her very lowness”. This sarcastically suggests that the Queen is not only low-born but also lacking in character and intelligence.

This is a very strong statement, and it shows that The Smiths are not just disdaining the monarchy as a whole, but that they are very negative about it in general.

In the second verse, The Smiths refer to the Royal Family as a “tie to your mother’s apron” which demonstrates that they are not just disdaining the royals, but the people who follow them too.

The song ends with the vocalist saying that they are unable to believe that the Royal Family will be relevant in the future, citing that the nation is now at a point where the Royal Family is no longer needed. It is a very powerful sentiment that ties in with the theme of the song, which is that the Royal Family doesn’t have any relevance in contemporary society.


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