The Rag and Bone Meaning

August 27, 2023

Rag and Bone operates an international portfolio of physical retail outlets, which includes stores in New York City. The Company also incurs costs related to the design and manufacture of its products, the procurement of supplies and materials, the development and maintenance of its online sales portal, and the implementation of its marketing and advertising campaigns – including the organisation and operation of fashion shows.

The Company also maintains an e-commerce website, which provides customers with a full range of online shopping tools, allowing them to browse the Company's catalogue, manage account detail, place orders and complete transactions without the assistance of customer service representatives. Alternatively, customers can visit one of the Company's physical retail outlets in the US and Asia to receive a higher degree of personal customer support, including in-person assistance and advice.

During the 19th century, rag and bone men scavenged waste material from the streets of British towns and cities for sale to scrap merchants. They often lived in poverty, surviving on the proceeds of their daily collection. Traditionally they would travel through town and city streets on foot, with their scavenged items held in a bag that was slung over their shoulder. They would shout an almost unintelligible cry, "rag and bone."

Singer-songwriter Rory Graham used the name 'Rag'n'Bone Man' for his debut album because it reminded him of the old-fashioned scavengers. Today it is common for people to dispose of their unwanted household articles at Council rubbish tips or to bring them to car boot sales where they can be bought by someone else. However, it is important to note that environmental regulations require individuals who transport, buy, sell or dispose of trash to have a valid waste carrier, broker or dealer license.


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