The Name 'Clb Meaning Drake' Has Been Spotted All Over Social Media

March 7, 2023

clb meaning drake

The name clb meaning drake has been getting a lot of attention as fans are trying to figure out what it means. It's been spotted all over the place on social media.

The name is a bit confusing, but if you look at it in context, you'll see that it stands for Certified Lover Boy. It's the title of Drake's new album and is causing a lot of excitement amongst fans.

It's unclear what the album's cover of 12 pregnant women in different skin tones represents, but the image is definitely a lot of fun and it's been getting a lot of views on social media. The album also features songs about children, like Papi's Home.

Unlike most of Drake's previous releases, this one isn't an uneven record or a bloated record either, it's just a pretty good album. There are a few standout tracks such as "You Only Live Twice" which features Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

Some of the other songs on the album have really good themes too such as Papi's Home which is about a dad who abandoned his kids and then finally comes back for them. There's also Girls Want Girls which is about a girl that reveals she's lesbian and Drizzy responds by telling her that she's way 2 sexy for him.

The 21-track release vacillates between a perfectly fine if inconsequential album from a great artist and a stunning display of unconscious self-parody. It's a creative nadir for Drake, but it's never outright bad.


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