The Meaning of Tool Right in Two

February 13, 2023

tool right in two lyrics meaning

One of Tool's best songs, Right in Two, has some polarising lyrics. Some fans of the band claim that it's about dividing love, while others think it's about cutting our lives up into pieces.

This song, like many of Tool's songs, is not for the faint of heart and has some deep lyrical truths that can be difficult to understand. Regardless, Tool have always produced some of their most powerful music and this track, especially, is no exception to that rule.

The Meaning of Tool Right in Two

In the song, the lyrics talk about how humans just can't seem to leave good enough alone. It is a sad and dark song about how humans fight against each other and try to divide up the world into their own little slivers of space.

The song also talks about how if there were an earthquake in California, parts of the state would break off and fall into the ocean. It is a very fitting lyric and one that can really help to show people how messed up and fucked up our world is.

The song also makes an interesting point about Christianity and organized religion. Lead singer Maynard James Keenan has made it clear that he does not particularly like and is not particularly supportive of religion, especially fundamentalist Christianity.


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