The Meaning of Taylor Swift's "State of Grace"

March 7, 2023

state of grace taylor swift meaning

State of Grace

The first track off Taylor Swift's 2012 album Red is the arena rock single "State of Grace." This song is a great example of how she branched out from her country and pop roots into more of a rock sound.

This song is about falling in love and how a person feels while they are on the rollercoaster of emotion. The lyrics are full of emotions and they are written from the point of view of a person who is in a relationship. The song incorporates religious and mythological symbolism to describe how a person is feeling during this time in their life.

Meaning of "State of Grace"

The song “State of Grace” is a great example of how Taylor Swift incorporated religious and mythological symbolism into her songwriting. She used the term “state of grace” which is a religious term that describes how a person is free from sin. This song also references Greek mythology.

During the song she says that she is in a state of grace and it means that she has gone through a lot of hardships but now that she is in a relationship with her lover she is free from these problems. This is a very powerful and meaningful message that a lot of people would like to hear.

This song was a hit when it was released and is one of the biggest songs that Taylor Swift has ever done. It was even included on her deluxe version of the album, called Red (Taylor's Version). This song is a great example of how Swift has stepped away from her country and pop roots into more of an arena rock sound.


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