The Meaning of Taylor Swift's Song "Peace" From Her Album Midnights

March 7, 2023

peace taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift has a knack for getting personal in her lyrics, and her new album Midnights is no exception. Several of the songs on the album are about her experiences in life and love, but one song in particular is extra special: "Sweet Nothing."

In this song, Taylor tells her younger self that she's grown beyond the teenage years when she would cry and dwel over lost loves. Instead, she's now at the point in her life where she is able to find peace and comfort with her long-term boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

The Meaning of “Peace” from Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’

In “Sweet Nothing,” Taylor reflects on her relationship with Joe, and how she feels protected and comfortable when she is around him. She goes on to say that while people have ulterior motives when it comes to her stardom, she finds peace in her relationship with Joe and the security he provides her.

“Peace” is one of the more autobiographical songs on Swift’s new album, and a recent interview with Rolling Stone confirms that it’s actually about her boyfriend.

The song was written by Swift and co-writer Aaron Dessner, who also produced the track. Music critics praised the song for its emotional lyrics, Elastic vocal performance, and stripped instrumentation.

As expected, this track was a big hit upon release. It charted in Australia, Canada, and the United States, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. It was one of the most critically acclaimed tracks from the album, and many music critics considered it to be the best song on the album.


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