The Meaning of Taylor Swift's Ready For It Video

March 8, 2023


The Meaning of Taylor Swift’s ‘Ready For It Video’

Last week, amidst all the anticipation and hype for her new album Reputation, Taylor Swift dropped one of the most exciting videos of her career: “Ready For It.” This music video is full of Easter eggs and it left fans scrambling to put the pieces together. The video’s a mashup of various themes, ranging from anime to sci-fi.

In this sexy yet dark video, we see two different versions of Taylor: the “good” Taylor and the “bad” Taylor. The bad Taylor is trapped by her reputation and the media, while the good Taylor is free to take back her name.

The good Taylor is a sassy, tough version of herself who wants to go after her man no matter what and is not afraid to get a little rough with him. She’s also a romantic, tender side who wants to find love and bliss with her guy.

Another theory circulating among fans is that the two Taylors aren’t enemies; they represent the old and new versions of her. This interpretation ties into her previous single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” and its idea that she could be a new Taylor through Reputation.

This song is a departure from her usual musical style. It’s a heavy, sassy song about how she’s getting ready for the dating game and is not afraid to go after her guy.

The music video is also full of references to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. There are several references to his name, including in Chinese and on a neon sign that spells out “Joseph.” In fact, he appears twice throughout the video!


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