The Meaning of Star Boy

March 4, 2023

meaning of star boy

A star boy is a term that can be used to describe a very famous person, the leading member of a group or team, or a male object of someone's affection. Popularized by Canadian singer The Weeknd, star boy is said to have originated as Jamaican slang dating to at least the 1970s.

The Weeknd’s album Starboy went to #1 on the Billboard charts in November, 2016 and its title track with Daft Punk was a massive hit as well. The song is about a newly famous person confronting their former self and has become one of the most popular songs on Spotify.

In the song, The Weeknd sings about his fame and material possessions. Interestingly, his house is filled with awards that he has won as well as portraits of Daft Punk and a panther.

His car is an expensive sports car, and he rolls deeper into the Hollywood Hills. This represents that he is entering a higher level of the occult elite’s system.

Star boy has a hidden meaning that’s not readily apparent in the lyrics. According to a source, it’s a reference to Lucifer, the morning star, and Venus, which have esoteric links with the occult.

The starboy’s single cover is also very esoteric, featuring the pentagram as the symbol of the duality between Lucifer and Jesus. Lightning bolts and crosses are also present.


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