The Meaning of Side to Side by Ariana Grande

March 8, 2023

meaning of side to side by ariana grande

Meaning of side to side

Ariana grande's newest single "Side to Side" is one of the summer's most addictive tunes. The breezy slice of R&B fuzz features Nicki Minaj and has such an infectious beat that you're not even paying attention to the lyrics.

The song's title and double entendre are a tongue-in-cheek way for Grande to declare her sexuality. But it also speaks to her strength and power as a singer -- as well as her ability to step into any musical terrain, slip on any set of lyrics, and own the room.

It's a testament to Grande's ability to be bold and unafraid that her fans have embraced the song as an anthem for female sexuality. As Maeve McDermott wrote in USA Today, “the message in ‘Side to Side’ is sexy.”

There's a lot to love about this song: It's a pop banger, but it also feels like a personal moment of self-reflection. It's a song that Grande herself has admitted to writing about her own toxic relationships, but it doesn't sound self-pityful or defeatist, either.

It also has a bit of a funky, trap twist that's really cool to listen to. It's a good example of how Grande is able to blend her edgy rap with her smooth pop vocals to create a sound that's unique yet familiar at the same time. It's not a huge change from her previous music, but it's a great addition to her discography and is definitely worth a spin.


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