The Lumineers Gun Song Meaning

March 13, 2023

After four years of hiatus, The Lumineers have returned with their sophomore album, Cleopatra. The album is full of songs that are full of warmth, depth and the usual intimate feel of a Lumineers tune.

The Lumineers are a folk-rock trio that formed in 2012 with Wesley Schultz (guitar, vocals) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, piano) joining Neyla Pekarek on cello and backing vocals. The duo quickly became a favorite festival band and touring act, earning two Grammy nominations in the process.

With their second LP, The Lumineers have shifted from the lighthearted toe-tapping sound of their first record but have maintained the familiar charm that made them a crowd favorite. This is evident when listening to their newest songs like “Brightside,” “Stubborn Love” and even the hits that were a hit on their debut, such as “Ho Hey” and “Submarines.”

We asked lead singer Wesley Schultz what it means to him to be a member of The Lumineers and his response was that it’s a place where he can express his passions. The Lumineers have always embraced their music as their own and the emotion that they invest into their work has helped them become the success that they are today.

During their recent performance at Bonnaroo, they displayed this same passion that runs through their live sets. The stomps and claps from the audience mirror what the band is feeling on stage, a combination that helps them give their all to every song they play.


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